About Us

The Irish Onsite Wastewater Association (IOWA) is a voluntary association with the goal of improving the standard of professionalism in the onsite wastewater in Ireland.

Membership comprises a broad range of cross disciplines including tank manufacturers, system installers, site assessors, council staff, trainers and policy makers, industry manufacturers and suppliers, system designers, architects, operators and maintenance professionals.

The association is governed by the terms of its constitution and it was formed as a Co-Op in 2012

–       To limit liability of members and committee

–       To regularise corporate identity and tax status

–       To formalise financial reporting to the membership.

The association was founded in 2007 by Billy Moore and Joe Walsh and is run by an elected Steering Committee.  Association membership is open to all and members are encouraged to participate by offering themselves for election to the committee.

The current committee is: